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Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership (WIL) is an opportunity for young women at the U of I and Parkland to develop skills, solve problems, and expand their horizons. WIL interns work in a small team with a business or nonprofit in the community. The organization presents an internal challenge (for example, increasing attendance at events) and the team of interns goes to work to develop and implement solutions.

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What does WIL offer to participants?

Empowerment: develop your confidence, deepen your understanding of your personal strengths and values, and learn to lift yourself and other women  


Collaboration: learn how to set and maintain a shared, supportive and accountable team culture that can negotiate conflict and deliver results 


Connection: develop personal, professional and civic connections through project-based volunteering


Accomplishment: identify challenges, then develop and implement sustainable solutions for a local nonprofit or small business 

Who is WIL for?

YWCA is offering this internship to women-identifying people enrolled at the University of Illinois and at Parkland College. 

If you're looking at this thinking "that sounds great, but I'm not a leader", we're looking at you! Discover the leader hiding in you! 

Why is WIL for women-identifying students? 

Women still face challenges that exist simply because they are women. And as in the rest of life, women of color face additional challenges. We believe in the power of young women to transform the world, and want to give you a boost in achieving your goals. WIL has been developed to help you find the insights and connections to create your own success. 

P.S. We say "women-identifying" students because we are a welcoming space for any person who identifies as a woman. 

Meet some of our past interns:

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the 2020-21 school year!