Donate to bridge the digital divide

In summer 2020, we are taking on a cohort of eight women who need technology and training on how to use it so they can jump into our community, apply for jobs, or enroll in educational courses. We will take on another cohort in the early fall to expand the impact of this program.


We are asking for a mere $2,500 from our community to provide these women with computers, laptop bags, and computer accessories as well as 10 weeks of personalized training in how to use different software, apply for jobs, and be proficient computer users. 


We ask you to consider donating any amount towards this cause so you can help us and these women. 

Your donations always go directly to our programming.


(Scroll down inside

this gray box to access)

Your donation of  

$240 sponsors a woman through the program

$120 gives 50% sponsorship

$60 provides all the computer accessories a woman will need

$30 buys a computer bag

Looking for help?

We do not provide shelter or counseling services.


Please see our resources page for local organizations that may be able to help.

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