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Women in Leadership Partners

We asked our 2017-2018 Partners what they liked best about your experience? One partner responded: 

"The outcome was excellent, but the process was really

rewarding as well. I absolutely loved getting to know my

team of interns, working with them, seeing their creativity

and positive energy being poured into something I think is valuable."

About the Program

Women in Leadership (WIL) is an intensive, two semester leadership and project management internship. Structured as a group consulting project, the internship allows interns to work directly with local organizations to learn about the nonprofit sector; identify organizational challenges; and research, propose, and implement solutions over the course of a school year.


The project lasts from September to April. In the fall, interns get to know you and the challenges you are facing, and propose solutions for you. The spring is spent implementing your chosen solution. YWCA mentors and staff work closely with the team to ensure that projects are feasible, sustainable, and of real use to you. 

Partner FAQs

Q: How much time do partners commit to the process?

A: Your team will meet with your appointed representative once a month in person, and communicate with you regularly throughout the project.  Our previous partners have stated that the extra work needed to host WIL interns is worth the investment. 

Q: What sort of solutions do teams provide? 

A: Solutions are required to be sustainable, inexpensive, and meet your identified needs. You can find examples of our past projects here. 

Q: Do organizations utilize the solutions WIL interns provide?

A: Our partner agencies report that they use the solutions provided by WIL interns once they've completed their internship.